Residential Services

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use your computer at home and it just isn't working right. dr. megabyte can improve, protect, and repair your computer whether it be a desktop or laptop.

Malware Removal
Malware is the number one reason a computer's performance decreases. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, and other malicious and unwanted software. dr. megabyte can remove and prevent these nuissances from coming back without affecting any of your existing data.
Wired and Wireless Networking
Whether you have an existing network or would like to have one setup, dr. megabyte can get you connected. Networking will allow you to share an internet connection, share files, and share printers. It can be done in a wired and/or wireless configuration and will be set up securely so that your personal information will not be exposed to the public. Need an XBOX or Playstation hooked up to the internet? We can help with that too.
New Computer Setup and Training
Getting a new computer is exciting, but setting it up and getting familiar with it can be less than pleasant. dr. megabyte will set it up for you and answer any questions that you have.
Repair / Upgrade
Computers will have components fail over time whether it is on your desktop or laptop. dr. megabyte provides fast service to ensure that you will not miss an important email or eBay auction. If it is time to replace old equipment, we will discuss options tailored specifically for your needs.
Tune Up
Computers get slower over time due to old programs, fragmentation, excess files, and unnecessary processes. dr. megabyte will get your computer running better than when it was new.
MP3 Training
MP3's created a revolution in the way people listen to music. dr. megabyte can take your existing music collection and help you convert it to mp3 format so that you'll never need to use your CDs again. If you buy an mp3 player, we can help you set it up so that you can transfer music from your computer to your mp3 player and vice versa.
Digital Camera Setup and Training
Digital cameras are the way to go. We can teach you how to take pictures off of your camera and load them onto your computer. We can also help you get familiar with your new camera.