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Our Business Services

Dr. Megabyte understands the importance of productivity. We will make your work day as user-friendly as possible.
We will come to your site, on your schedule, to keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

Wired / Wireless Networking

Whether you have an existing network or would like to have one setup, dr. megabyte can support 2 to 100 computers. Networking will allow your business to share an internet connection, share files, and share printers. It can be done in a wired and/or wireless configuration depending on your needs.

PC Repair / Upgrade

Computers will have components fail over time whether it is a desktop, laptop, or server. dr. megabyte provides fast service to ensure that your business stays fully functional. If it is time to replace old equipment, we will discuss options tailored specifically for your business.

Periodic Computer Service

Dr. Megabyte wants to ensure maximum productivity and minimal downtime for your business. We can set up a weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule to keep your computers running their best.

Computer Tune Up

Computers get slower over time due to unnecessary processes and excess files. Malware is the number one reason a computer's performance decreases. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, and other malicious and unwanted software. dr. megabyte can remove and prevent these nuissances from coming back without affecting any of your existing data.

PC Data Backup

This is the most overlooked aspect of safe computing. The data on your computer's hard drive could become unretrievable at any time for a number of reasons. It is crucial to do a daily backup of your business data. dr. megabyte can set up a scheduled backup to create redundancy of data so that if a hard drive fails, there will be minimal data loss, if any.

Computer Security

It is crucial to have a secure network. dr. megabyte will ensure that your wired / wireless network is protected from unauthorized users. We also set up your computers so that only authorized individuals can have access to business data.

Server Installation / Maintenance

Whether you have an existing server on site or need a new one installed, we can help. We support and install all types of servers.

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